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Is Putin a rational person?2023/09/252023-09-25 14:17:16
Medicare Advantage is a scam2023/09/212023-09-21 21:22:03
It is more than antisemitism2023/09/052023-09-05 02:03:11
Left is not right, and right is wrong2023/08/292023-08-29 21:54:36
The GOP of Reagan is gone2023/08/252023-08-25 17:14:35
Backseat drivers in Ukraine’s war2023/08/232023-08-23 15:49:17
Russia needs to rejoin a worldwide community2023/08/192023-08-19 02:05:58
Is God right about health care in America?2023/08/152023-08-15 20:23:04
Why do actors strike?2023/07/162023-07-16 01:56:42
AI – a wedge with a wedge2023/07/142023-07-14 02:45:11
Can AI be playing Socrates?2023/07/052023-07-05 19:59:06
Can AI help Americans overcome the political divide?2023/06/302023-06-30 17:14:59
The Supreme Court asks Americans to pay their bills2023/06/302023-06-30 16:09:43
Politicians have already outsmarted AI2023/06/252023-06-25 17:35:16
Human intelligence is the only one that matters2023/06/062023-06-06 21:26:17
Real professors, phony science2023/03/212023-03-21 18:33:38
World War III had already started2023/02/022023-02-02 16:58:47
How to become a billionaire quickly …2023/01/182023-01-18 02:35:11
Can Musk save Twitter?2022/12/292022-12-29 02:30:58
Medium needs Robert Townsend as the CEO2022/11/052022-11-05 00:16:09
Drowning in the deluge of futile advice2022/09/162022-09-16 19:59:27
Can Medium be the next big thing in media?2022/08/112022-08-11 14:19:27
The future has the great past, but the present stands in the way2022/07/092022-07-09 00:40:00
How did Americans screw up immigration?2022/06/112022-06-11 23:34:15
Ukraine: What might and what should happen next?2022/04/282022-04-28 02:41:18
The book that its intended readers would prefer had never been written2022/04/212022-04-21 13:34:47
Every minute innocent people are dying in Ukraine. What do the media do to stop it?2022/03/112022-03-11 16:45:07
How could we end the war in Ukraine tomorrow?2022/02/262022-02-26 23:42:31
Putin wants Ukraine because it is a rich country2022/02/052022-02-05 00:50:34
Is Russia an evil empire?2022/02/042022-02-04 00:27:00
Why do most Westerners misunderstand Russia?2022/02/022022-02-02 01:51:20
Should Americans be ready to die for Donbas?2022/01/242022-01-24 16:48:55
Lawlessness at the School of Law,2022/01/212022-01-21 03:28:00
My uncle, the socialist2022/01/172022-01-17 02:54:00
Even the Nobel Prize cannot change the thinking of American lawmakers about immigration2022/01/092022-01-09 03:53:08
Ukraine – the world is watching2022/01/032022-01-03 23:52:00
Facebook is evil because it is us2021/10/222021-10-22 00:50:31
A trillion dollars here, another trillion there2021/10/092021-10-09 16:35:24
It is not about Ayn Rand2021/09/182021-09-18 13:54:34
My mistress gives me inner peace2021/08/312021-08-31 22:25:00
Socialism eternally alive2021/08/232021-08-23 23:35:00
Kabul, the day of shame, again2021/08/172021-08-17 13:16:00
How I fell into Ayn Rand’s snares2021/08/012021-08-01 00:58:41
A volcano of complaints2021/07/142021-07-14 00:50:00
Jack C. Lee is wrong. Are you too?2021/07/082021-07-08 23:57:57
Writing is not about writing2021/06/232021-06-23 14:48:56
What did I learn from the world’s best editor?2021/06/102021-06-10 12:52:38
The New York Times’ dance around the truth2021/06/072021-06-07 14:50:23
On immigration, the government is the problem2021/05/182021-05-18 18:00:00
Where do open borders work?2021/05/172021-05-17 15:30:00
American hubris caused our border crisis2021/04/222021-04-22 21:17:23
We need a new immigration policy2021/03/252021-03-25 12:46:48
There is no need for immigration plan B2021/03/232021-03-23 03:25:35
Goodbye, America; welcome, Amerina2021/03/192021-03-19 14:23:13
Immigration conversation2021/03/162021-03-16 21:40:21
Migration manipulation2021/03/122021-03-12 18:03:13
Socialists are taking over Wall Street2020/12/192020-12-19 15:21:53
The only preexisting condition that matters2020/12/152020-12-15 14:21:30
Fixing American problems could be easy2020/11/202020-11-20 04:18:06
Why it seems impossible to trump Trump?2020/10/082020-10-08 03:11:19
Can we replace fighting with work and reason?2020/10/022020-10-02 02:39:40
Eat to live, not live to eat2020/09/112020-09-11 00:27:28
The lesson Americans should never learn2020/09/052020-09-05 14:55:00
The Editorial Board should have no opinion2020/07/122020-07-12 02:47:01
Ignore Trump2020/07/022020-07-02 13:05:02
The political debate that has not been2020/06/082020-06-08 14:38:58
The politically incorrect commencement speech2020/06/052020-06-05 02:29:08
The leader of the deceived2020/06/042020-06-04 03:32:31
Are we having a dress rehearsal for a police state?2020/05/182020-05-18 16:21:45
Who is gaslighting whom?2020/05/022020-05-02 04:20:53
Is inequality unequal?2020/04/232020-04-23 15:07:19
Human and artificial intelligence in capitalism2020/04/172020-04-17 13:18:20
Privacy or anonymity?2020/04/152020-04-15 02:43:00
Cash is king, more potent than we think2020/03/302020-03-30 14:57:46
Argentina – a warning to the United States and China2020/02/182020-02-18 04:56:33
Science and money in the climate change debate2020/02/012020-02-01 20:47:14
A wrong way about Huawei2020/01/152020-01-15 03:53:17
The indolence of the political elite (informally) confirmed2019/11/052019-11-05 23:11:03
The climate is changing for… capitalism2019/10/232019-10-23 20:03:52
Uber explained2019/09/142019-09-14 02:38:46
The swindle of the century,2019/09/042019-09-04 13:12:58
Bill Maher, uncivilized2019/08/292019-08-29 13:30:01
The wall, the bullets, or both2019/08/282019-08-28 19:21:25
What hating school does to us2019/08/132019-08-13 03:53:44
It is not about climate, and it is not change2019/08/012019-08-01 21:05:02
More parenting is needed2019/08/012019-08-01 20:00:19
Should Americans Apologize to Britons for 1776?2019/07/182019-07-18 02:45:21
Is Howard Schultz just another politician?2019/06/132019-06-13 02:16:47
I vividly remember 19692019/01/212019-01-21 19:56:16
The border wall is not the real problem2019/01/022019-01-02 17:51:23
I wish us all stormy family dinners in 20192018/12/302018-12-30 17:30:31
Roy Beck, the Accomplished Master of Deception2018/12/132018-12-13 16:17:53
Will they have courage?2018/03/112018-03-11 17:45:17
Troubleshooting immigration2018/03/102018-03-10 22:36:46
What Amazon can do for Illinois?2017/10/082017-10-08 02:12:42
Chicago needs reality check2017/08/242017-08-24 19:48:29
Less fight more work2017/07/312017-07-31 02:35:43
19 health care issues that politicians avoid talking about2017/07/132017-07-13 00:07:12
The future will be bright … for others2017/06/162017-06-16 03:08:56
How to pay for the wall?2017/04/042017-04-04 12:57:06
Obamacare is not the problem2017/02/082017-02-08 17:55:32
Immigration business2016/12/242016-12-24 16:24:17
Is angel investing upside down?2016/04/202016-04-20 20:49:51
Can GOP hold the White House for the next 16 years?2016/03/242016-03-24 20:48:03
What is wrong with Russia?2015/12/232015-12-23 03:20:02
With a hoe against the Sun2015/11/302015-11-30 07:17:30
Closed mind for closed borders2015/11/192015-11-19 13:56:24
Capitalism, socialism and communism2015/11/122015-11-12 06:03:09
What is the United States to you?2015/10/262015-10-26 19:00:57
They do not know…2015/09/142015-09-14 12:14:09
Freedom cannot be legislated, its restriction can2015/03/312015-03-31 12:29:42
Greed-driven health care2015/02/272015-02-27 13:51:31
Immigration inaction2015/02/182015-02-18 04:56:34
Immigration comedy2015/01/262015-01-26 14:35:24
Government neutrality2015/01/202015-01-20 14:04:41
Advice to potential Republican presidential candidates2015/01/152015-01-15 22:26:36
Terror incident in France2015/01/112015-01-11 16:51:22
Will it be as always?2015/01/052015-01-05 23:47:07
Conservatives versus liberals2014/12/242014-12-24 22:26:11
One idea, many consequences2014/12/042014-12-04 23:33:34
Can Russians’ seizing of Crimea be legalized?2014/03/272014-03-27 13:21:16
Net neutrality exposed2014/01/172014-01-17 03:49:13
Illegal lawyer2014/01/032014-01-03 15:41:59
One hundred American jobs…2013/12/212013-12-21 15:36:38
Spherical heaters2013/12/182013-12-18 01:06:38
Helping Mexico2013/12/102013-12-10 17:37:59
What do we have government for?2013/12/022013-12-02 17:17:19
Obamacare will never work2013/11/242013-11-24 06:24:38
Immigration impasse explained2013/11/142013-11-14 19:29:54
Why do we have such a big immigration mess?2013/10/262013-10-26 03:08:19
The pot calling the kettle black2013/10/072013-10-07 20:42:55
Why the government is shut down?2013/10/012013-10-01 12:45:57
GOP versus Obama2013/08/282013-08-28 13:06:55
It is editors’ fault2013/08/212013-08-21 21:06:25
Chatter promptly delivered2013/08/122013-08-12 23:16:09
The hammer and sickle country2013/07/152013-07-15 18:10:48
Border security, or BS for short2013/06/122013-06-12 17:19:34
Rector’s sermon2013/05/092013-05-09 05:43:28
Rube Goldberg immigration fix2013/04/262013-04-26 05:16:42
A few conclusions missing2013/04/252013-04-25 18:17:31
The price is always right…2013/04/052013-04-05 04:44:42
Fixing GOP2013/04/042013-04-04 16:17:12
Divorce government from marriage2013/03/232013-03-23 19:16:17
We do not need family sponsored immigration visas2013/03/162013-03-16 16:50:39
Capitalism versus socialism,2013/03/162013-03-16 14:03:14
We need a guest worker law2013/03/042013-03-04 14:56:31
Conservatives and liberals are much alike2013/01/242013-01-24 14:24:47
Terrorists won again2013/01/182013-01-18 14:11:55
Crowd funding and lotto – which is worse?2013/01/182013-01-18 06:23:32
Immigration crisis ever unresolved2013/01/152013-01-15 14:11:36
Why life cycle health insurance?2012/12/222012-12-22 16:36:56
Balcerowicz for president2012/12/162012-12-16 14:10:58
To lead or not to lead?2012/02/152012-02-15 16:46:28
Why do we have 11 million illegal immigrants and what do we do with them?2012/02/132012-02-13 16:37:24
Closed minds for closed borders2012/02/112012-02-11 16:33:58
Chasing illegal immigrants2012/02/092012-02-09 16:31:12
Why most Americans want restricted immigration?2012/02/072012-02-07 16:25:10
Why do we have illegal immigration?2012/02/062012-02-06 16:15:32
Why do we need a line?2012/02/012012-02-01 16:11:54
Conversation of a deaf with a mute one – this is the Wall Street Journal style immigration debate2010/08/082010-08-08 14:06:38
Alienation of the nation and Peggy Noonan in particular2010/05/102010-05-10 17:04:50
As it is2010/04/282010-04-28 13:57:48
Bill O’Reilly, a socialist in denial2010/03/182010-03-18 14:34:00
Untouchable fundamental disagreements2010/03/132010-03-13 15:57:56
A better approach to health care reform2010/01/262010-01-26 15:50:24
Will Republicans ever have a viable alternative to the public option?2009/11/092009-11-09 15:26:38
We need life-cycle health risk insurance2009/09/032009-09-03 14:18:48
Stone Age politics in the health care reform debate2009/08/292009-08-29 14:53:39
The debate about health care reform is not about health care2009/08/192009-08-19 14:08:37
The promise of pears on a willow tree2009/08/082009-08-08 13:45:36
Where is the concept?2009/07/212009-07-21 01:18:39
What can one learn in Springfield?2009/06/032009-06-03 01:06:44
More brains, less Halliburton: why Dick Cheney is wrong2009/03/202009-03-20 00:55:07
Leave radical Islam alone2009/03/172009-03-17 00:33:20
Journalism does not need to be saved, newspapers do2009/03/132009-03-13 22:55:00
Stealing horses with Blago and telling2009/02/162009-02-16 00:49:15
The simplest plan for helping homeowners2009/02/152009-02-15 00:27:54
The Freedom of Migration Act challenge2009/02/082009-02-08 04:18:31
Obama’s first fault as President2009/01/272009-01-27 16:16:04
The lure of Keynesianism2009/01/152009-01-15 22:42:00
The perfect test that the Chicago Tribune failed2009/01/082009-01-08 22:50:00
The immigration debate is not about immigration2008/12/092008-12-09 22:46:52
Do Americans want change?2008/11/182008-11-18 11:55:58
Change of change2008/11/092008-11-09 03:40:13
It’s time for financial dinosaurs to die2008/09/202008-09-20 21:08:12
Polish kings and American presidents2008/09/072008-09-07 20:14:27
Emergency response?2008/09/012008-09-01 06:01:08
Obama’s politics as usual2008/08/082008-08-08 18:46:18
Spinning our wheels – Chicago Area Obama platform meetings2008/08/032008-08-03 18:37:37
The war in Iraq is already won, by Iran2007/08/102007-08-10 19:27:28
Beliefs or knowledge?2007/08/072007-08-07 22:06:36
No war on drugs2007/08/052007-08-05 22:05:32
Security of Mexican border2007/07/142007-07-14 21:51:21
A question to presidential candidates2007/07/092007-07-09 22:01:02
Benefits of the failure of the immigration bill2007/07/022007-07-02 15:07:30
U.S. government loves my family2007/06/062007-06-06 22:02:27
Freedom of Migration Act2007/05/292007-05-29 21:44:43
U.S. government cause illegal immigration2007/05/262007-05-26 22:03:57
Make …(what) …not war2007/05/262007-05-26 21:57:45
Presidential platform2007/05/182007-05-18 17:21:51
Conservatives, liberals, and freedom2007/03/272007-03-27 05:19:00
We do not have problem of illegal immigration, or the Smiths vs. the Joneses2006/12/122006-12-12 16:05:33
Roy Beck, the Master of Deception2006/10/132006-10-13 14:48:33
Americans walled in2006/09/272006-09-27 02:33:06
Will desperation prevail?2006/09/262006-09-26 14:36:17
Knowing where we are heading2006/07/082006-07-08 00:22:08
Kings fight wars; soldiers die2006/07/052006-07-05 21:03:55
How to end the war in Iraq in nine weeks2006/06/192006-06-19 02:01:44
So little, so late2006/06/122006-06-12 22:58:14
Neither immigration nor reform2006/06/122006-06-12 14:22:24
What is the rush on the immigration bill for?2006/05/302006-05-30 16:55:56
No amnesty for illegal aliens2006/05/262006-05-26 01:52:31
A simple way of stopping illegal immigration2006/05/232006-05-23 02:15:05
Politicians are right; reality is wrong2006/05/182006-05-18 15:47:19
Can we agree not to use words like “liberal” or “conservative”?2006/05/152006-05-15 15:41:49
Ask your doctor is (fill the blank) is good for you2006/05/102006-05-10 01:38:27
Polls on immigration are unproductive2006/05/042006-05-04 21:32:26
Who is at crossroads?2006/05/012006-05-01 20:30:44
Something needs to be done…2006/04/302006-04-30 04:26:48
Cutting the branch…2006/04/262006-04-26 01:23:33
Migration to the future.2006/04/172006-04-17 14:15:51
The naked truth about Net neutrality,2006/04/102006-04-10 14:13:16
President is gone – we stay2006/02/222006-02-22 15:47:19
What else can go wrong?2003/03/292003-03-29 19:28:14
China will do fine without advice from New York2003/02/222003-02-22 05:51:27
Arafat’s shoes2002/05/192002-05-19 14:10:40
When will the war against terrorism be won?2002/02/042002-02-04 15:33:43
How and when to take away the independence of a state?2002/01/192002-01-19 15:15:01
America’s failed leadership2001/10/052001-10-05 05:16:04
Let’s buy Windows XP2001/04/122001-04-12 05:34:56
The activist’s bedroom1998/07/121998-07-12 05:23:16
The pigeon dropping syndrome1998/06/191998-06-19 14:26:35
The bloody path to peace1998/06/121998-06-12 05:45:31
Regulate or communicate?1998/05/191998-05-19 14:31:56
The last train car1995/03/181995-03-18 16:06:41