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Health care

Is God right about health care in America?

If professors Einav and Finkelstein can prove first that the concept outlined in 1776 did not work, their reasoning...

Aug 15, 2023

Can AI help Americans overcome the political divide?

AI can dance around human sensitivities and, as a machine, be less intimidating. It can give us a shot...

The only preexisting condition that matters

Why is our health insurance on a yearly contract? It is good for insurance companies, not for us. Shouldn't...

Dec 15, 2020

Will they have courage?

Warren Buffet can start with trying to find a definition of health insurance in the lengthy text of the...

Mar 11, 2018

19 health care issues that politicians avoid talking about

We cheat ourselves if we discuss health care policy without openly talking about money.

Jul 13, 2017

Obamacare is not the problem

Taking the pro-market approach consequently would require telling Americans that the greed-driven doctors, clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical industry would...

Feb 8, 2017