Many tell us what to think. I ask my readers to be skeptical. Question me and others.


Every minute innocent people are dying in Ukraine. What do the media do to stop it?

Putin and his accomplices are war criminals who have no honorable exit; their destiny is in prison.

Mar 11, 2022

Facebook is evil because it is us

Whatever they dislike on Facebook mirrors America. If they dislike what they see, the mirror is not the problem.

Oct 22, 2021

A volcano of complaints

Many young people borrowed more than they should for the overpriced education. Likely, thanks to easy credit, some people...

Jul 14, 2021

Writing is not about writing

Many Americans are pessimistic about the future of the nation. This attitude is prevalent because we do not communicate...

Jun 23, 2021

What did I learn from the world’s best editor?

Very few writers have the skills, discipline, and patience to bring their texts to perfection. Editors can do that....

Jun 10, 2021

The New York Times’ dance around the truth

Mr. Friedman seeks a compromise on immigration, ending with a pitiful conclusion that two plus two is 4.5.

Jun 7, 2021

Fixing American problems could be easy

Both Democrats and Republicans claim that the other side does not have the right program. Both of them might...

Nov 20, 2020

The lesson Americans should never learn

The most significant value of the American political system is that, from its inception, the government should be “us”...

Sep 5, 2020

Ignore Trump

As recently as about 60 years ago, the American president could say, “Ask not what your country can do...

Jul 2, 2020