Many tell us what to think. I ask my readers to be skeptical. Question me and others.


Medium needs Robert Townsend as the CEO

Blunt candidness is the way to keep Medium vigorous and prosperous. It is certainly not by creating a community...

Nov 5, 2022

Drowning in the deluge of futile advice

Americans can agree only that they disagree on almost everything. A profound disagreement of that magnitude could not be...

Sep 16, 2022

Can Medium be the next big thing in media?

Medium’s writers and readers can unite around the concept of the perpetual search for the truth.

Aug 11, 2022

Socialism eternally alive

One can theorize that our civilization grows like a spiral. The dilemmas of ancient Greeks were not much different...

Aug 23, 2021

A volcano of complaints

Many young people borrowed more than they should for the overpriced education. Likely, thanks to easy credit, some people...

Jul 14, 2021