Many people write or speak to tell us what we should think. Some want to be believed because they are experts, or think they are. Some want to be believed because they claim to speak for us. Some have had revelations. Others want us to trust them because they communicate through prominent media outlets. Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.

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The Editorial Board should have no opinion

Jul 11, 2020

The WSJ Editorial Board expressed its opinion about the case of Michael Flynn. It does not matter what they said; in my book, the Editorial Board should have no opinion on any topic. Editorial boards’ job is not to lecture, but to facilitate views from individuals who can present valid arguments. The Editorial Board's job at the WSJ is to guarantee to me, a subscriber, that the different opinions presented are fact-checked. I pay a subscription for the WSJ because I do not have the time nor the means to fact-check whatever is written and posted on the internet. I do not pay for the subscription to be brainwashed by whatever the self-anointed authority of the Editorial Board believes is right. I can make my judgment based on the facts and their interpretation by other individuals.

More parenting is needed
Aug 01, 2019
Peter Gray in Psychology Today advises for less parenting. The problem is exactly the opposite: There is not enough parenting. In the past, when most of our ancestors lived in self-supporting households, often a farm, out of necessity, children were an integral part of whatever adults needed to do during their daily life, and they learned that way. Now, we do not need to do as much at home. Work is outside the home, food is brought in, heat is turned on and off, and mysteriously magical, colorful screens are the center of most activities. If we leave children free to explore what they find the most attractive, they will play video games. There might be some educational value in it, but one needs to learn much more. Hence, we need more effort in parenting, with parents doing more in the home than is otherwise required, and spending more time with children outside in order to introduce them to the real world. This realization hit home after I witnessed the surprise of a 7-year old seeing apples on my apple tree.
Less fight more work
Jul 30, 2017

The fight over Obamacare repeal is over, at least for now. The GOP can start to work on a new proposal that each of us can look at it, and then compare how my particular health care solution would play in it, as compared to Obamacare. In a television interview, HHS Secretary Tom Price said that Obamacare “may be working for Washington, it may be working for insurance companies, but it’s not working for patients.” Maybe it is time to consider patients’ involvement in the preparation of an Obamacare alternative? It could be that Obamacare repeal failed just because it has been prepared by Washington with consultation from insurance companies. Let us start with addressing 19 health care issues that politicians avoid talking about.

How to pay for the wall?
Apr 04, 2017

If you want to build the wall, pay for it with your own money. How much of your own money are you willing to donate? Trump received 62,979,879 votes. If each of Trump’s supporters voluntarily donates at least $1,000, which corresponds to about $42 per month for the next two years, and if we encourage those who are more affluent to double their donations, then Trump can have on hand about $100 billion, which may suffice for a substantial piece of the wall. Hence, all of you who are talking loudly about spending my money on building this wall, stay away from my wallet, but open your own wallet and send money to the “Build the Wall Fund.” Put your money where your mouth is.

What is wrong with Russia?
Dec 22, 2015

It appears that Russian leaders cannot free themselves from the medieval concept of regional influence, where weaker neighbors were subdued into becoming serf states. Is anyone capable of explaining to them that in these times of a global economy, any influence comes from economic strength? Russia, thanks to its size, natural resources and well-educated labor force, has everything that it takes to maintain a dominant position in the region, just by maintaining free trade with all its neighbors. It can do so without military interventions in Georgia and in Ukraine. Russia has everything that it takes to be a respected wealthier neighbor, to whom everyone in the region would turn for help when needed. Instead, it is a bully and a hooligan. It would take so little to change that. But it is so hard for Russia to do it. 

Closed mind for closed borders
Nov 19, 2015

Known to some as a libertarian, Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. speaks against open borders. His argument is that it is an infraction against private property. He misses the point that most people migrate just because Mr. Rockwell’s neighbors want them on their private property – for picking apples, washing the dishes or writing a computer code. Then, Mr. Rockwell wrongly laments that those foreigners invited by his neighbors violate his private property rights by loitering in the public spaces that he frequents. He wants the government to deny the rights of his neighbors to do on their private property whatever they wish, so he will not need to face immigrants in the public spaces. Mr. Rockwell left the train called “liberty” at the station called “xenophobia.”    

They do not know…
Sep 14, 2015

Mr. Trump says: “A lot of what I’m doing is by instinct.” I prefer that our President would make decisions based on systematic due diligence. The instinct that guides Mr. Trump in his professional life arrives from his vast experience, starting when he was growing up under the mentoring of his successful father, followed by a solid education and years of practice. Mr. Trump's confidence is misguiding, as it gives his supporters the illusion that someone who mastered real estate dealing can be equally skillful as President. It is similar to the illusion surrounding Dr. Carson, that he can be as good a President as he is a brain surgeon. If both gentlemen were humbler, they would realize that they qualify to be President equally as much as Mr. Trump qualifies to conduct brain surgeries and Dr. Carson to run Mr. Trump’s real estate empire. The problem is not that they do not know many things they should; the problem is that they do not realize that.

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Benefits of the failure of the immigration bill

The debate over every single provision of the recently failed immigration bill could be compared to a bus full of people arguing at every intersection whether to turn left, right, or go straight – there is no consensus about where the bus is heading to begin with.

There is no consensus as to what caused this immigration havoc. There is no agreement as to what a working immigration system should look like. Politicians look to opinion polls to find out what Americans think. The public, however, is misinformed and disoriented. Instead of asking what Americans think, it would be more appropriate to ask Americans to rethink their position on immigration. Many politicians are spinning their wheels trying to follow what the public wants. Leaders with the wisdom to find the underlying cause of the problem and the courage to tell fellow Americans the unpleasant truth were nowhere to be seen.

The original sins of our immigration system

The underlying concept of the Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965, which in its core provisions is still in force, is that immigration is considered as a gift that a great nation provides as charity to the world’s poor. As always, when something of value is given away free to an unlimited number of potential recipients, the demand surpasses the supply; billions of people around the world would like to receive a gift of the right to settle in the U.S. No wonder, it seems obvious to most Americans that there should be laws limiting legal immigration.

When in the 1970′s the government tried to control oil prices chaos ensued and, waiting in long lines to buy gas, Americans learned the hard way that high gas prices dictated by the free market are better than lower prices regulated by the government. When the government took it upon itself to regulate the participation of foreigners in the labor market in the U.S. and created the current mess, surprisingly, most Americans responded by seeking even more government regulation.

The government can forecast the appropriate number of immigrants or guest workers (for the next month, next quarter, next year, or ten years from now) with the same accuracy, and with similar consequences, as it can forecast the right price for oil.

Why do we have 12 million illegal immigrants and why are most of them Mexicans?

We have 12 million illegal immigrants because our economy needed that many workers. Since our immigration laws do not allow people to come and work here legally, they arrived and were employed illegally. Most of them are Mexicans because they have the unfair advantage of being able to cross the border illegally more easily than Filipinos or Ukrainians.

Immigration turned into a mess as politicians voted in regulations that attempted to override the laws of the free market. Our current immigration laws can be effectively enforced only in a Soviet-style political system. We cannot have at the same time both a free market and the nationalization of a pivotal part of the labor market.

We need laws that would allow foreigners to come and work here legally. The number should be defined by the needs of businesses not by bureaucrats. If legal guest workers were coming from all over the world, then Mexicans would not be coming in such big numbers. With an ethically diversified immigration, assimilation would be faster.

The illegality of the 12 million unregistered immigrants that are already here is the result of our faulty immigration laws. We need to revoke these laws. Our undocumented foreigners would be just that, undocumented foreigners, not illegal aliens. They need to be registered. Amnesty would not be necessary.

Our current immigration crisis is a result of our bad laws. Illegal aliens did not vote on these faulty laws, Congress did. It is appropriate to bring this up, in case anyone is looking for someone to blame.

The Freedom of Migration Act – the only way out of the crisis

Given this immigration impasse, we need to set aside for a moment the existing political constellations, and we need to forget for the time being what the current Congress can or cannot agree upon. We need to look back into the fundamental values that this country was built upon. We need to come up with an idealistic solution – and then go ask our politicians what is wrong with it. From there we can work on solutions acceptable to most Americans.

The only way that a foreigner could settle in the USA should be by finding employment here. After working as a guest worker for – let us say – five years, that person should earn the right to a green card, opening the path to the citizenship five years later.

Private employment agencies should, for a fee, manage the recruitment of foreigners, background checking, issuing ID cards, and keeping records of their employment.

Government involvement should be limited to checking whether persons coming for work are known threats to the nation’s security.

All family sponsored immigration, as well as the visa lottery, should be phased out and eliminated.

Those are the core provisions of an immigration system that would work. In the course of my participation in the very interesting internet forum U4Prez, I called this proposal the Freedom of Migration Act.

Many celebrated the defeat of the immigration bill; their joy will be short-lived. Reality will come knocking. Chauvinists will escalate the border militia and press for chasing and deporting undocumented immigrants. This will backfire, as Americans will wake to realize that in order to enforce the current immigration laws the government needs more Soviet-style powers.

The greatest benefit from the defeat of the immigration bill is that it will polarize the nation even more on this issue. The real colors of the advocates on all sides will appear in greater clarity. Many Americans will seek additional information. Gradually, voices of reason and plans like the Freedom of Migration Act will get some public recognition, and Americans will change their views. So will the lawmakers.

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