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Health care

Left is not right, and right is wrong

In 2009, when Obamacare was proposed, I put a lot of effort into understanding the muddle of our health care policy. I learned a lot from John C. Goodman. His book, “Priceless,” is not easy to read, but it is a must to know the basics. His lecture, which I attended, was eye-opening. I subscribe to his newsletter.

Today, I received an email with his article about a new book about universal health care. I reviewed that book earlier. The title of Dr. Goodman’s op-ed is scary: “Can the Left and Right Agree on Health Reform?” The arguments are confusing.

Trying to combine the ideas of Amy Finkelstein with the concepts of John C. Goodman is like finding a way that certain cars follow the right-hand traffic rule while others follow the left-hand traffic rule on the same streets. We have it now in health care, which is precisely why it does not work. The left is not right about health care. The right is wrong in seeking compromises instead of promoting a full-blown free market solution.

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