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Russia needs to rejoin a worldwide community

The Wall Street Journal asked, “Should the West Fear Putin’s Fall?” The West would not fear Putin’s fall if it had a rational concept of what should be afterward.

Germany and Japan started WWII believing they could fulfill their imperial aspirations by war. Putin did the same. After WWII, Germany and Japan were incorporated into the peaceful worldwide community. I do not hear Germans or Japanese complaining.

We should offer the same to Russia and repeat it whenever Ukraine gets military help. Russians can depose Putin tomorrow and start building prosperity in Russia, as Germany and Japan have done. Or they will do it after continuing the war to the last soldier killed.

To maintain prosperity, the worldwide community cannot accept war as a way of doing business. The Russians can accept it now because it makes sense or under duress after a humiliating military defeat. There is no other option.

Is Putin a rational person?


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