Many tell us what to think. I ask my readers to be skeptical. Question me and others.

Life and politics

The hammer and sickle country

Political analysts often look at the map and try to identify Republicans’ and Democrats’ strongholds. They see the country as the mosaic of red and blue. If we look at the political agendas of both sides, the picture is much more intriguing.  Democrats want to have a big government to resolve our health care crisis, which is their utmost concern. Republicans wants to have a big government to resolve our immigration crisis, which is their utmost concern. Just recently passed farm bill H.R. 2642, strongly supported by Republicans, extends questionable big government subsidies to farmers. Democrats and Republicans might be divided in many ways, but on the issues important to them, both want a bigger government. In order to reflect this new reality, they should abandon their symbols of a donkey and an elephant, and both should use the hammer and sickle, on blue and red backgrounds, so they can maintain an illusion that there are still some differences.

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