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Kings fight wars; soldiers die

A man whose brother serves in Iraq and whose wife might be deployed there soon asked me about profits that businesses related to Bush and Cheney are making from the war. This is how I answered.”It is noble to be a soldier. However, kings fight wars; soldiers die.” The public does not know everything yet. Judging by what is known already, a reasonable man can question the war. First, it appears that there were no reasons to start the war to begin with. Second, as long as American forces stay there, there will be violent resistance against them, so there is little chance that a peaceful and democratic society could be established there by a sword. It looks like we will have to withdraw from there in disgrace, like from Vietnam, and the later we do it, the bigger the disgrace will be. Today’s Senator John Kerry, when serving in Vietnam, testified in Congress. He said then that he did not want to be the last soldier killed for the lost cause. We can only hope the same for your brother and your wife. The whole business-war connection is more complex. Simply, many people gain much political power and get rich when the country is at war. Please read: I am sorry, I cannot tell you anything better. Please ask Bill O’Reilly, He is one of the most influential political commentators, and he supports the continuation of the war. By the way, I would like to know what he tells you.

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