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How to end the war in Iraq in nine weeks

The first twins, Barbara and Jenna, need to enlist in the Army, and select a unit that will guarantee that they are sent to Iraq immediately after basic training. If this happened, Bush opponents would likely suspect a big propaganda hoax, guessing that the twins would be given some deskwork assignments far from the danger zones. To show that the twins’ enlistment is for real, the Army would have no choice but to assign them some real front-line duties. Even if they were looked after, the situation in Iraq is so unpredictable that the chances of the twins being killed would be close to those of any other soldier serving there. The twins’ enlistment in the Army would cause some confusion at first. However, by the time it became obvious that the girls really wanted to go through with it, Laura and Barbara would form an anti-war lobby. The war would be over before the twins finished their nine-week basic training. Rarely in the history of humankind has so much depended on so few.

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