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A simple way of stopping illegal immigration

Now that the economy is in good shape, almost every illegal immigrant finds a job here and stays. If somehow we could convert the current economic boom into a crisis, there would be no more jobs here. Immigrants living here illegally would go back home, and new ones would not be coming. One of the possible ways to convert a current boom into a recession could be by implementing new taxes needed to build the wall and pay for effective border control. With new taxes, people would have less money to spend; therefore, there would be less need for goods and services provided by illegal aliens. A new wall and enhanced border control might actually stop many illegal immigrants. With fewer of them, there would be no more abundant supply of cheap labor; therefore, the costs of products and services would go up. With Americans having less money and higher prices, the crisis might become permanent; therefore, there would be no jobs for illegal immigrants, and most of them would leave for good.

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