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Life and politics

The activist’s bedroom

When I see the fanatic bigots and dogged zealots on both sides of the abortion issue, I cannot resist the rather repulsive thought of what I would see if I could peep into their bedrooms.

How to explain that deeply religious people act aggressively, and in the name of protecting the lives of the unborn endanger lives of the living? Wouldn’t be better to use this passion to do something to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place? On the pro abortion side, people usually less religious, religiously preach the right to abortion under the slogan that a woman should have the right to choose. They forget that a woman exercises this right when meeting a man. In a case of a fruitful visitation, it is at least fair that both parties involved should share responsibilities for the new being. When one sees these people attached passionately to arguments and actions that quarrel so obviously with common sense – one has to look for hidden factors and search for answers in the murky nooks and corners of their personalities.

Sometimes one can get impression that American scientists have tested and measured everything. The sexual contentment of abortion activists seems to be overlooked. At least I do not remember seeing any publication in this area, and I assume that if something was published it would make the headlines. Therefore, seeing those demagogic activists on TV I can only speculate what their lives are like when they are off camera and out of public view.

Abortion opponents often see sexual promiscuity as part of the equation. They see irresponsibility and immorality in the way some people look for pleasure. In their view, it boosts abortion statistics. However, getting pleasure by using drugs is irresponsible and immoral as well, but it does not trigger equally emotional action, if any at all, on the part of pro-life activists. They do not stake out drug users, do not shoot known drug dealers and do not bomb drug houses. The difference is in the sexual factor and it is reasonable to ask how their personal experiences influence their public activities.

After all this excitement in the streets, do they at least have as much fun when they finally do it? In the case of Catholic clergy we know for sure that they should not. What about those militant abortion opponents? After dropping a bomb at the clinic, do they have a sex bomb left over for themselves? Maybe even two, one with a delayed detonator, for double effect, like at the clinic. Or, does hassling abortion clinics and their patients serve as a substitute for the excitement that other people have when enjoying their intimacy? Many seem to believe that sexual pleasure happens only in sinful circumstances and it appears logical to assume that they reached this conclusion by knowing first hand that sex is no fun in relationships blessed by God. Who knows, perhaps patients of the abortion clinics are hassled so that the pleasure those women supposedly had during their sinful behavior can be taken back? Every time I see those screaming faces on TV, I ask myself how much of their passion comes from the issue and how much from the frustration rooted in their lack of sexual gratification? Or, maybe they have great sexual lives but are bothered that an apple from the forbidden tree tastes better? However, tied by their rigid moral rules, they are afraid to check it out and hate those who – in their opinion – do.

Under pressure from the religious right, the pro-choice movement has begun to huddle under the less controversial umbrella of family planning. Therefore, they should know what it takes to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and one may expect that they practice what they preach. If they did, abortion should not be an issue, because it would be needed only in rare cases, not worth all of the political attention. My eyebrows jump when I hear some women proclaiming that without the right to abortion they cannot exercise the full freedom of using their bodies. What troubles them? Are they really having fun or starving for it?

The essence of the abortion controversy seems to be in conceptions and misconceptions radicals on the both sides have about conception.

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